When to Start Piano Lessons

Teaching kids to love and appreciate music is a great thing, and learning to play an instrument is even better.  When should their musical education begin and if you want them to learn piano, do you know when to start piano lessons?  Even if your toddler happily bangs away on their toy piano that doesn’t mean they are quite ready to sit still through piano lessons.  Let’s look at the right age to begin music lessons and when they will enjoy it the most.

4-5 Year Olds Piano Training

As parents we all want to think that our children are brilliant prodigies but at this age they just aren’t ready to take piano lessons.  They haven’t developed the dexterity nor do they really have the ability to sit still for 30-45 minute piano lessons.  You can start with teaching them rhythm and clapping along to the music.  You may want to start with some group lessons where they learn to appreciate music, let them clap, sing and dance.

6-8 Year Olds

At this age your child is probably ready for music lessons.  They have the ability to sit still for the amount of time required, they can connect letters with sounds enabling them to learn sheet music. They have enough manual dexterity to tie shoelaces as well as use a knife and fork at the dinner table.  They have been in school long enough to have some musical education and they are used to sitting and focusing on a task.  With a good teacher they can learn to play music that they like and actually enjoy the time spent learning the piano.  Here is how to make piano lessons fun.

Adolescent Students

Once kids hit their teen years you can’t force them to take piano lessons it has to be something they want and want badly enough to put in the time required to learn.  Teens have reached the age where they want to try things outside of school and family but they still need to have a genuine interest in learning the piano.  They should have a teacher or instructor who can relate to them on their level and teach them music that interests them.  A teacher needs to tap into what excites them about music in general and the piano specifically.

Should all children have piano lessons?  While research holds that music lessons of some kind are good for child development it doesn’t necessarily have to be on the piano.  Choose and instrument that they will enjoy.

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