Playing the Piano Isn’t as Hard as You Think

The piano is one of the most widely played instruments in the world.  Piano lessons are often how many musicians got their start and these piano lessons taught them the fundamentals of music.  The piano can be heard it almost every genre of music, it is incredibly versatile with an amazing range.  Playing the piano isn’t as hard as you think and it’s something almost anyone can learn.

The Basics

Learning any instrument will be challenging in the beginning and the piano is no different, but in learning to play piano you can also begin to understand the basics of music.  Owning a piano is out of range for many people, but you can get a keyboard which is more affordable and takes up far less space.  If you want to get better and actually learn to play music that you like, then set aside a half hour every day to practice.  Warm up a bit before playing by stretching out your hands and fingers, remember keep your hands in one spot and just move your fingers, it’s a lot like typing in that regard.  Here is a guide on how to hold your hands and your finger position.

Piano Lessons

Piano lessons will help you learn the instrument, your instructor can teach you various techniques and shortcuts that you wouldn’t discover on your own.  You can get piano lessons fairly reasonably.  You might want to try taking lessons from an advanced music student in college, they are more affordable than a traditional piano teacher with their own studio.  You can also get referrals from friends who also take lessons.  Check with your local city recreation department, many of them offer various music lessons at a discounted rate.

Learning on Your Own

If you don’t have time for piano lessons or you work an erratic schedule then you probably want to learn to play on your own time.  While it might be a bit more difficult than taking lessons it is still doable, there are DVD’s you can purchase from a music store or online.  You can register with an online piano teacher, or you can check out YouTube for piano tutorials which can help get you started.  The big disadvantage to learning this way is not having an expert nearby to help you when you make mistakes or if your form isn’t what it should be.

There is the occasional musical genius who can pick up piano by ear, don’t worry if that’s not you.  Very few people are blessed with that gift.  Piano can be fun, enjoy the music you get to play and learn some of your favorite songs, almost anything can be played on a piano.

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